The Physiology of Early Childhood Biking

This panel discusses the physical development of toddlers and kindergarteners, including balance and muscle strength. It also examines how exercise improves children’s health, including cardiovascular, motor skills, coordination, weight management, skeletal development, and the immune system.


  • Dr. Ellen Z. Anderson, associate Professor, Rutgers School of Health Professionals
  • Cindy Ireland, Physical Therapist, Douglas and Sturgis (South Dakota) School Districts
  • Kent Jacobs, Bicycle Designer and Product Manager, Strider Sports International
  • Dr. Andrew Shim, Professor of Kinesiology & Exercise Science, College of Saint Mary
  • Dr. Amelia Monteiro, Pediatrician, Greater New Bedford Community Health Center (59:09)

Moderator: Dean Rotbart, host Monday Morning Radio


The Psychology of Early Childhood Biking

This session examines the ways that exercise in general, and biking in particular, bolsters the self-confidence and self-esteem of young children, as well as improves their academic performance and socialization skills.


  • Niels Egelund, Professor, Aarhus University in Denmark
  • Jill Mays, MS, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, and Author, “Your Child’s Motor Development Story” (17:59)
  • Kimber Parkin, Financial Industry Executive and mother of two young bicyclers (42:23)

Moderator: Dean Rotbart, host Monday Morning Radio


Public Policy and Bicycling

This nonpartisan discussion covers the ways government, private businesses, nonprofits, and citizens can work together to help implement the All Kids Bike® program for schools in their cities. It also explains how encouraging kids and adults to bike enriches entire neighborhoods and communities, and is a boon to economic development.


  • Jon Synder, Senior Policy Advisor to Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, Outdoor Recreation and Economic Development
  • Matt Konenkamp, Senior Vice President, Cowen Consulting (22:50)
  • Seth Nesselhuf, Director of Community & Sustainability, Quality Bicycle Products (37:56)

Moderator: Dean Rotbart, host Monday Morning Radio


Integrating All Kids Bike® into the Primary School Curriculum

Hear firsthand from educators who’ve embraced the All Kids Bike® program in their schools and districts, and are enthusiastic about the benefits their students receive. This panel covers teacher training, parental participation, legal considerations, and community outreach.


  • Matthew Seebaum, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Service, Rapid City Area Schools
  • Anne Sluder, Physical Education Teacher, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
  • Wayne Lilly, Senior Director of Development & Outreach, Strider® Education Foundation

Moderator: Dean Rotbart, host Monday Morning Radio


What is the All Kids Bike® Movement and How Can I Help?

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, administrator, policymaker, or a pro-bike citizen, this session provides a clear overview of the All Kids Bike® movement, and how everyone can contribute to its success.


  • Ryan McFarland, Founder & Chair, All Kids Bike®
  • Marilyn Stemp, National Ambassador, All Kids Bike®
  • Robert Pandya, National Ambassador, All Kids Bike®
  • Wayne Lilly, Senior Director of Development & Outreach, Strider® Education Foundation

Moderator: Dean Rotbart, host Monday Morning Radio


The nonprofit All Kids Bike movement is supported by a nationwide coalition of parents, educators, health care providers, businesses, nonprofits, and members of the general public. The drive is an initiative organized by the Strider Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, based in Rapid City, SD.

Schools that are the beneficiaries of the All Kids Bike project receive, free of charge, everything they need to get their students pedaling; including a proven, integrative curriculum; staff training and certification; patented child-friendly bikes designed to make learning easy and fun, safety helmets, and ongoing support.

The program requires no out-of-pocket expenditures by the participating schools.

For more information, contact Brittany@AllKidsBike.org

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