First International Symposium on the Benefits of Early Childhood Biking

(Rapid City, SD): More than 15 experts participated in the first All Kids Bike® Health and Education Symposium, a fact-finding seminar designed to explore the physical, psychological, academic, and socialization benefits that accrue to children who learn to bike before they reach the first grade.

The videoconference is available beginning today for free online at www.AllKidsBike.org/symposium

The international symposium, featuring five different sessions, was organized by All Kids Bike, a nonprofit movement that seeks to provide schools across the United States free bikes and a “Learn-to-Ride” curriculum developed specifically for kindergarten students.

Primary school educators, as well as administrators, school board members, and parents of young children, can select from any of the panels to gain a better understanding of the All Kids Bike movement, how to participate in it, and why it benefits students, teachers, and school communities.

Available panels are:

The Physiology of Early Childhood Biking

This panel discusses the physical development of toddlers and kindergarteners, including balance and muscle strength. It also examines how exercise improves children’s health, including cardiovascular, motor skills, coordination, weight management, skeletal development, and the immune system.

The Psychology of Early Childhood Biking

This session examines the ways that exercise in general, and biking in particular, bolsters the self-confidence and self-esteem of young children, as well as improves their academic performance and socialization skills.

Public Policy and Bicycling

This nonpartisan discussion covers the ways government, private businesses, nonprofits, and citizens can work together to help implement the All Kids Bike program for schools in their cities. It also explains how encouraging kids and adults to bike enriches entire neighborhoods and communities, and is a boon to economic development.

Integrating All Kids Bike® into the Primary School Curriculum

Hear firsthand from educators who’ve embraced the All Kids Bike® program in their schools and districts, and are enthusiastic about the benefits their students receive. This panel covers teacher training, parental participation, legal considerations, and community outreach.

What is the All Kids Bike® Movement and How Can I Help?

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, administrator, policymaker, or a pro-bike citizen, this session provides a clear overview of the All Kids Bike movement, and how everyone can contribute to its success.

The nonprofit All Kids Bike movement is supported by a nationwide coalition of parents, educators, health care providers, businesses, nonprofits, and members of the general public. The drive is an initiative organized by the Strider Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, based in Rapid City, SD.

Schools that are the beneficiaries of the All Kids Bike project receive, free of charge, everything they need to get their students pedaling; including a proven, integrative curriculum; staff training and certification; patented child-friendly bikes designed to make learning easy and fun, safety helmets, and ongoing support.

The program requires no out-of-pocket expenditures by the participating schools.

For more information, contact Brittany@AllKidsBike.org   (605-956-3877)


New Campaign Will Provide Free Bikes and Training to Teach Every Kindergarten Child to Bike

Rapid City, S.D. (March 6, 2019)– A nationwide movement to teach every child in America how to ride a two-wheel bicycle in kindergarten PE Class was announced this week.

The All Kids Bike® campaign is led by the Strider Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3)nonprofit. The foundation will facilitate donations of their Kindergarten PE Program to elementary schools throughout the country. The programs will be funded by a coalition of parents, educators, health care providers, businesses, nonprofits and members of the general public.

More than 100 schools in 15 states are already participating in the initial stage of the program.

Schools that receive the Kindergarten PE Program will have everything they need to get their students pedaling, including a proven, integrative curriculum, teacher training and certification, patented child-friendly bikes designed specifically to make learning easy and fun, and 5 years of ongoing support.

The program requires no out-of-pocket expenditures by the participating schools since the All Kids Bike campaign matches each school with funding partners in the community.

All Kids Bike funding partners are required to raise $4,000 per school to implement this special program, an amount that educates more than 400 current and future kindergartners. That’s less than $10 per child to teach the milestone, lifetime skill of riding a bike.

The benefits of biking, especially for children, are well documented. Bicycling provides a tremendous cardiovascular workout, building young muscles, strengthening kids’ immune systems, sharpening their minds and elevating their academic performance. Biking also boosts the self-confidence of children. It instills a love of the outdoors. It fosters friendships with other children. And, to the delight of young children, it allows them to ride along with their older siblings and parents on family outings.

Ryan McFarland, the visionary entrepreneur behind the All Kids Bike movement, foresees a positive good for our entire nation when future generations of kids – bike lovers all – grow into active, civic-minded adults who establish our nation’s policies on public health, environmental protection, public transportation and infrastructure.

Inspired by extensive, independent, early-education and childhood health studies that confirm the many benefits of regular biking and exercise for kids, McFarland gathered a small team of like-minded, two-wheel enthusiasts to undertake the task of transforming America into a country where all kids bike – the first nation in the world to make such an audacious commitment.

“Bicycling is much more than a simple recreational activity for children. It’s a proven, lifelong game changer,” McFarland says. “Together, we have the power to chart a better, healthier course for our children’s future. It’s as simple as riding a bike.”

To learn more about the All Kids Bike campaign, host the program at a school, or become a supporter, visit www.AllKidsBike.org.



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