Through the Kindergarten PE Program, every child in America will enjoy the mental and physical benefits of riding a bike, as well as the fun, freedom and mobility it provides.

A $4,000 donation provides a complete Kindergarten PE Program to local schools, serving all kindergarten students for the next 5 years.

  • Training, Certification, Curriculum

  • Learn-To-Ride Bikes, Pedal Conversion Kits

  • Fully Adjustable Helmets

  • 5 Year Support Program

Training & Certification – Training and certification on our online platform include an overview, videos, and quizzes about our Learn-To-Ride curriculum so educators are well-prepared and fully-equipped to teach the program successfully. This training is available to an unlimited number of educators for each school.

Curriculum – Designed to be taught in 8 integrative lessons, the curriculum begins with the simple goal of teaching a child how to move, balance, and stop while on a two-wheeled balance bike. Midway through the curriculum, the bikes are converted from balance-mode to pedal-mode with the goal of each student pedaling a bike independently. This progressive-based approach aligns with SHAPE America National Physical Education Standards so it can seamlessly be integrated to the educator’s year-long physical education programming.

Bikes – The program includes 22 Strider 14x Balance Bikes. The one-of-a-kind hybrid design of the Strider 14x Bike enables children to first develop balance before introducing the pedal conversion kit and pedaling motion.

Pedal Conversion Kits – The program includes 22 Easy-Ride Pedal Conversion Kits which can be attached to the Strider Balance Bikes after students become proficient at balancing and are ready to learn the pedaling process.

Helmets – The program includes 22 fully adjustable helmets. The curriculum instructs children on the proper fit of a helmet and reinforces in every lesson the importance of wearing a helmet whenever they ride a bike.

Support – To ensure the success of the Kindergarten PE Program, the Strider Education Foundation provides a five-year support plan to each school so educators can access training and certification, in addition to other inquiries or bike fulfillment needs.