Changing the world for the better doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time, passion, and resources. These influential people support the All Kids Bike movement.

Robert Pandya — Discover the Ride and Give-A-Shift Director

Jamie Robinson — MotoGeo Director

Marilyn Stemp — Motorcycle Industry Journalist

Donny Robinson — BMX Olympic Medalist

Dick Winters — Trips for Kids

John Hunter — Owner, American Ramp Company

Rod Woodruff — Owner, Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Steve Piehl — Owner Authentic CX, LLC

Tressa Rau — Professional Motocross Racer

Janette Thornley — Professional Motorcycle Drag Racer

Ellen Anderson — Rutgers University

Andrea Moore — Special Olympics New Jersey

Alex Mock — AMA Supermoto Racer

Melissa Paris — Professional Motorcycle Racer

Josh Hays — Professional Motorcycle Racer

Cris Sommer-Simmons — Vintage Motorcycle Racer

Brian Klock — Owner, Klock Werks

Al Roybal — BMX Racer

Tyler Klassen — Riders for Striders Founder

Kameron Amstutz — Owner, Music City Indian Motorcycle

Richard Pool — Custom Bicycle Builder

Alan Bainbridge — Klock Werks

Gina Woods — Host of Open Road Radio

Rene Creed — Owner, Living Life on Two Wheels

Terry Rymer — Flat Track Racing

James Carter — Professional Freestyle Motocross

Dean Rotbart — Host of National Monday AM Radio