Through the Inclusive Learning Program, individuals of all abilities will enjoy the mental and physical benefits of riding a bike, as well as the fun, freedom, and mobility it provides.

The Inclusive Learning Program equips Special Olympics teams with everything coaches need to teach athletes how to ride a bike, including parent/coach training and certification, an integrative 5 lesson curriculum, 5 Strider Balance Bikes, 5 fully adjustable helmets, and a five-year support plan.


For $1200 you can provide a complete Inclusive Learning Program to the team of your choice and improve every athlete’s balance, mobility, and independence for years to come.


    Training, Certification, Curriculum


    5 Learn-to-Ride Balance Bikes


    Fully Adjustable Helmets


    5 Year Support Program

Training & Certification – Training and Certification on our online platform include an overview, videos, and quizzes to become certified instructors for our Inclusive Learning Curriculum, so coaches are well-prepared and fully-equipped to teach the program.

Curriculum – Designed to be taught in 5 integrative lessons, the curriculum begins with the simple goal of teaching riders how to get on and off the bike, walking with it, and steering it, then concludes with important riding skills like balancing, leaning through turns, and stopping safely.

Bikes – The program includes 5 Strider Balance Bikes of appropriate sizes to fit the ages and sizes of the athletes on a particular team.

Helmets – The program includes 5 fully-adjustable helmets. The curriculum instructs riders on the proper fit of a helmet and reinforces the importance of wearing a helmet every time they ride a bike.

Support – To ensure the success of the Inclusive Learning Program, the Strider Education Foundation provides a five-year support plan to each team so coaches can access training and certification, in addition to other inquiries.